Strikethrough in Google Docs

Sometimes, you might not need any phrase, word, or line in the document and want to remove it. Therefore, the strikethrough function allows you to keep the selected text in Google Docs by drawing a line like in the example below.

In this tutorial, we will look at the two quick ways to use the strikethrough function in Google Docs.

Strikethrough using Format Option

You can use the strikethrough function of Google Docs using the steps below.

  1. First, open Google Docs and select the word, line, or phrase you want to strikethrough.
  2. Then, click the Format tab in the menu bar.
  3. Hover over the Text option in the drop-down menu.
  4. Now, select the strikethrough from the second drop-down box.
  5. Once you click the strikethrough, your selected text on Google Docs will appear with a line drawing on it.

Strikethrough using the Keyboard Shortcut

You can use a combination of shortcut keys to strikethrough your text. It is easy to remember and apply to format the required text.

For Windows, you need to follow the below steps.

  1. Select the line or paragraph you want to cross out.
  2. Then, press Alt+Shift+5.

For Mac, you need to press Command+Shift+X.

Remove Strikethrough and Other Formatting

The quick way is to highlight the text and use the same keyboard keys to remove the strikethrough over the text (Alt+Shift+5) for Windows or (Command+Shift+X) for Mac.

You can use the below combination of keys to clear the formatting on the text.

  1. Press Ctrl + \ (on Windows)
  2. Command + \ (on Mac)

Points to Remember

  1. While using the clear formatting shortcut option, make sure that it will also remove all other formatting options that apply to the highlighted text.
  2. If you need to meet the specific word limit, then you will have to exclude that section, as the crossed-out text remains in the word count.