Move Images in Google Docs

In Google Docs, you can easily add and move the images wherever you want. Also, you can set the position of the image around the text by selecting the following options.

  • In-Line
  • Wrap text
  • Break text
  • Behind the text
  • In Front of the text

In this tutorial, we will look at ways to add, move and adjust the images with the text in Google Docs.

Add Images

To move images, first, you need to add them in Google Docs. Click “Insert “and choose the “Image” option for this. After that, choose one of the following options to add an image to your document.

  1. Upload from computer
  2. By Searching the Web
  3. By URL
  4. Google Photos
  5. Google Drive

Move Images in Google Docs

  • After inserting the image in the document, you can move it by clicking and dragging it to its designed position.
  • Adjust the image by selecting it and then, with the blue squares, set the exact size of the picture according to the text.
  • Next, select the image to find the menu just below it and pick the options: In-Line, Wrap text, Break text, Behind text, and Front of the text.

Inline: With this option, you can see both the image and the text are on the same line.

Wrap text: By the name, this option suggests that it works as wrapping the text around the image. Even you can adjust the image with the help of margins and drag it anywhere you want.

Break text: This option uses to break the text. While using this option, you will see the text appears below and above the image, and the left and right sides of the image will be blank.

Behind text: With this option, your text is on the top and above the image.

In Front of text: While using this option, the text of your page will go behind the image.

Tip: If you want to move the image to a different page, drag and drop it to the other page where you want to place it while scrolling your mouse.