How to Change Margins in Google Docs

The margin refers to a blank space between the edges of the document i.e., top, bottom, and both sides (right and left). Setting a margin maintains the gap between the text and its main boundaries.

In the tutorial, we will learn the two simplest methods for changing the margins in Google Docs.

Using the Page Setup Option

Below are the steps in detail for adjusting the margin.

  1. First, open the new or existing document where you would like to change the margins.
  2. After that, go to the File tab, and select the Page Setup option from the drop-down options.
  3. Then, the page setup dialog box appears on the screen, and now you can enter the exact marginal measurements of all four sides that you need (in centimeters).
  4. Click Ok once you are done with this, and now your document will change its margins as below snapshot.

Point to remember: The default margin is 1 inch on each side. While you can change it by clicking on the Set as default option after changing its figures.

But the default margins will take effect in your new document as it does not apply in the existing files.

Using the Ruler

Another method to adjust the margin is by using a ruler. The following are the steps for this.

  1. If the ruler is not visible on the top, first turn on it from the View tab.
  2. After that, the ruler is available under the ribbon for adjusting the margin.
  3. Now, you’ll see the blue down-facing triangle on the left and right sides of the document with a partition. The below one is the left/right indent whereas the above one is called the first-line indent.
  4. And when you drag the left/right indent from the ruler, the whole text moves toward that direction and reduces the margin from the edge.
  5. Next, if you drag out the first line indent, you’ll see that the only first-line shifts from its previous position.

Note: The interesting fact is that the changing margins apply to all pages in the document.