Add Footnotes in Google Docs

A footnote in Google Docs appears at the bottom of each page in the document. You can add a number, comment, or any additional information in the footnote without breaking the flow of the text.

In this tutorial, we will look at the different methods one by one of adding the footnote in Google Docs.

Method 1: Use the Default Option

Below is the detailed list of steps for adding the footnote.

  1. First, place the cursor on the document where you want to add a footnote.
  2. Then, click the Insert button from the main menu next to the View tab.
  3. After that, a drop-down with the list of options will appear in the window. Next, click on the footnote option.
  4. Now, you can add the text of your choice as a footnote at the end of the page. Once you’re done with it, press enter.

Method 2: Using the Keyboard Shortcut

The help of a keyboard shortcut is another convenient method to add a footnote to the document, as it doesn’t take a lot of time. The following are the steps to do.

  1. Move the cursor to the area where you want to place the footnote.
  2. Next, press the Control + Alt + F keys on the keyboard, and then the footnote will appear at the bottom of your document.
  3. Now, format your footnote with what you want to add to it.

Method 3: By Double-clicking on the Bottom

This is one of the best methods compared to adding a footnote by double-clicking on the bottom of the page.

  1. Again, open the document where you would like to set the footnote, then scroll toward the end of the page.
  2. For this, you need to click twice on the bottom. Then, it displays the footer with the list of options on the right side.
  3. Once you click the options, the drop-down window appears with the list of three sub-titles.
  4. Now, you can set the footnote margin and its layout (by selecting the different odd & even options) as per your choice from the footer format option.
  5. The page number dialog box allows you to change the position of the footer, and also, here, you can set the number to start the numbering from on the footnote. Then, click apply.
  6. In the end, click somewhere else in the document to observe all the changes that you have made.

Tip: You can easily remove the footnote by deleting the number or text. Then, it will automatically get disappeared from the bottom.

It can also delete by clicking the remove footer option in the last method.