How to use Find and Replace in Google Docs

While working on a lengthy document, it is hard to find any specific word or value. Therefore, you can search for any number, character, or word with the find option. However, the replace option allows you to change words or values with others.

In this tutorial, we will learn the quick steps to use the find and replace function in Google Docs.

Steps to use Find Option

  1. First, go to the Edit tab and select the Find and Replace option from the list of options.
  2. Next, the Find and Replace dialog box will open with various sub-options.
  3. Then, in the Find field, you can type the word that you wish to search. And it will highlight the same word that you enter in the document.

Use Replace option in Google Docs

Now, the following steps are to replace the value or word with another in the document.

  • First, open the Find and Replace dialog box to use the shortcut keys (Ctrl+ H).
  • To replace any word or phrase then, type the word in the Find field that you want to replace and enter the new word on the “Replace with” front box.

Once you click the Replace button, it will only replace the single highlighted word with the new one. However, if you want to replace every word of the exact spelling from the document, then click Replace All.

You can also use the Next button to check the next same spelling word and to go back to the last word, click Preview.

Find and Replace Sub-Options

Interestingly, you can confine your search using two main options that are Match case and Match using regular expressions.

Match Case: Once you click on this option, then it will change only those words which are in the capital case rather than all the words with similar spelling.

In the following example: The image highlights only those words with specific letters (Upper Case) to replace, whereas other words (Lower Case) are in a circle and look similar to earlier.

Match using regular expressions: This option replaces the strings that include numbers or characters. The below picture clarifies you in a better way:

For more references (Link to Wikipedia)

There are some other ways to use find and replace options:

  • Delete bulk of words – This function is also used for deleting words in large numbers simultaneously. First, enter the word in the Find field you want to delete and click on Replace all.
  • Number and Characters – You can use the find and replace function for replacing the letters, number, and characters or even use it to find regular expressions.

Note: Another way to use this function is to press Ctrl+ F. Then, the following screen displays, and, in this box, you can type the word that you want to find, or if you get more options, then click on the above vertical dots.