Concatenate or Combine Strings in a Single Cell

There are multiple ways in Google Sheets that you can use to concatenate or combine two or more strings in a single cell. There is a specific function (TEXTJOIN), and you can also write a formula using the ampersand. So, in this tutorial, we will learn these methods in detail.

Use TEXTJOIN to Concatenate Strings (Value from Multiple Cells)

TEXTJOIN is the easiest way to combine values. It’s a pre-defined function in Google Sheets.


You can use the below steps:

  1. First, enter the TEXTJOIN function in a cell where you want to concatenate the strings.
  2. After that, in the first argument, specify a space that we need to add between the strings.
  3. In the second argument, enter TRUE, which makes the function ignore the blank cells.
  4. From here, in the third argument, refer to the range where you have the string you want to combine.
  5. In the end, enter the closing parentheses and then hit enter to get the result.

Note – TEXTJOIN is the best function to combine two or more values in a single cell.

Concatenate Strings (Text Values) using ampersand (&)

You can also use an ampersand to concatenate strings as one value in a cell. This method is quick and doesn’t need any function to use.

  1. Type an equal to (=) in the cell where you want to combine the string.
  2. After that, refer to the cell with the first string and enter an ampersand (&).
  3. Next, enter a space using the double quotation marks (“”).
  4. Now again, enter an ampersand (&) and then refer to the cell with the cell with the second string.
  5. In the end, hit enter to concatenate both the values.

=A1&” “&A2

If you want to combine more than two values, use ampersand again and refer to the cell with the third cell, then the same for the fourth cell, and so on.

CONCATENATE and CONCAT to Combine Strings

Other than the above two methods, there are two more functions that you can use. These two functions are:


With the CONCATENATE, you need to refer to the range of cells from where you want to concatenate the string in the single cell.


In the above example, we have values in cells A1 and A2, which we have specified in the function. When you hit enter, it combines values from the range in a single cell.

In the same way, you can use the CONCATE function. In CONCATE, you need to specify the cells from where you want to combine strings one by one. As you can see in the example below, we have referred to A1 and A2 separately in the function.


And when you hit enter, it concatenates values from both cells (A1 and A2) in a single cell.