Add a Borders in Google Docs

The border is a four-sided line around the paragraph to highlight your text from the rest of the document. In this tutorial, we will look at the multiple ways to add borders in Google Docs.

Adding a Border using a Table

  1. First, click on the Insert tab from the menu bar.
  2. Here, go to the table from the drop-down and select a table with one column and row (1 x 1).
  3. Now, the table will appear on your blank page of Google Docs. You can adjust the table height and width by holding and dragging the lines.

For Customization

You can use four options, displayed in the top-right corner next to the bulleted and numbered list. These options help you to change the border’s color, background color, thickness, and style.

Alternatively, you can also set the table properties by hovering the cursor on the Format option. For example, Click Table < Table Properties.

Once you click on the table properties, the following dialog box appears with formatting options that you can adjust. After this, click Ok to apply all those changes.

Add a Border Around a Paragraph

  1. In this method, first, click on the Format option.
  2. Then, hover over the cursor to Paragraph Styles and select Borders and Shading.
  3. Now, the border and shading window displays. From this, you can choose the border width, style, color, and so on.
  4. When you click on the apply button, you will see the modifications in the paragraph you selected.

And if you want to remove the border and shading, then go to the border and shading dialog box. Click on reset, then apply.

Draw the Border

  1. For this, you need to click on the Insert option and select Drawing from the list of options, then choose New.
  2. The drawing window opens, then click on the Shape button and select any design from the further option you want.
  3. After that, draw the selected shape by dragging the mouse as well as you can customize borders by using highlighted options.
  4. When you make all the changes, select Save and Close button in the top-right corner.
  5. Then, Google Docs will add the same border to the page. If you want to make any changes to it, then click Edit, which appears on the border by tapping it.

If you’re getting bored using the same blank borders, you can opt for cool and fancy borders to make your document different from others. Go to the drawing window, click the image button, and upload it from your computer or Google.

In the end, click the save and close button, and this border design will appear on your main page.