How to Add Fonts in Google Docs

The standard font style in Google Docs is Arial. But if you are bored, use the same font in every document. Then you can add multiple new font styles in your font list from the More Fonts option or using third-party apps.

In this tutorial, we will go through the two methods to add or remove new fonts in Google Docs.

Adding New Fonts using the Menu bar

To add more fonts to your font list, follow the steps below.

  1. First, click on the Font section on the menu bar.
  2. After that, you will see a list of multiple fonts, then select More Fonts from the drop-down.
  3. In the Fonts window, type the font name in the search box if you need a specific font.
  4. You can choose the font style from the All fonts drop-down like Handwriting, Display, Serif, and so on.
  5. Even you can make your font search easier by applying filters and sorting it by popularity, trend, date, or alphabetically.
  6. Next, select the fonts you want to add, and it will show you under the My Fonts category on the right side.
  7. Click OK once you select all the fonts for your font list.
  8. Now, Google Docs will display all the new fonts in the font menu.

Tip: In the fonts menu, there are some fonts like Montserrat with many variants, e.g., light, thin, extra light, bold, semi-bold, medium, normal, and so on. Select the variant by clicking the arrow next to the font name.

Add Fonts using Extensions (Third-party apps)

You can add hundreds of fonts in Google Docs using the Extensions Add-on. Here are the steps to install the Extensis fonts.

  1. Click on the Extensions, hover over to the Adds-ons, and then select Get add-ons.
  2. And it will open the Google Workspace Marketplace window.
  3. In this window, search for the Extensis Fonts in the search box or find the fonts option by scrolling down.
  4. Now, click on the Extensis Fonts and install it.
  5. Before installing, it would ask you for permission; click Continue and select the Google account to add it.
  6. Once the add-on of Extensis fonts is installed, go to the Extensions, then Extensis Fonts, and start.
  7. The Extensis Fonts menu appears on the right side of the Google Docs page.
  8. In the end, select the text in the document and apply the font whatever you want.

Remove an Added Font

You can also remove any added font if you no longer need it in the font list.

  1. Go to the font menu, then click on the My Fonts.
  2. In the My Fonts list, select the cross icon (X) next to the font to remove it from the list.